Episode 46: How To Get Unstuck In Your Business
Apr 28, 2022

I’ve always focused on the word goals. And I was listening to a talk. I can’t remember where it was, but they talked about the difference between desires and goals. And I love that energy, like taking that inspired action with something you really desire. You know, and taking that to the next level I really desire this end result of this goal versus like a goal.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melva you're board certified radiation oncologist, and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% code podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% code podcast.

I'm Dr.Melva board certified radiation, oncology physician, serial entrepreneur, and investor. And I helped top income earners and healthcare professionals diversify their wealth portfolio by creating different income streams, creating the system so that you can turn that job into a hobby and turn in those golden handcuffs for true wealth.

So I wanted to talk about a couple of things. Here's the first couple of things. I think that feeling stuck happens for one of these reasons. Okay. A change in your business that you're preparing for. So let's say you're coaching, you have a new type of client, or you're offering a new service in your business. Or maybe you just have a different challenge in your business.

Like for example, one of our rentals today, which we don't have occupied, it's kind of my like passion project beside my job. I've talked about it before. There are two pit bulls next door. I found myself stuck because my landscaper who had to cut the grass because it got over whatever the tinge 12 inches is where the city or town is, the town is calling me as a business owner to cut it.

But he'd go on last week. And the pit bull got. And so he came back last week. I had to talk to the sheriff. I felt stuck because the pit bulls have more rights than business owners, but yet I'm going to get this notice of a fine for not cutting the grass. So anyway, thanks can come up in your business, even crazy, things like that.

And here I was on the phone, like, oh my God, I even know the name of this pit bull. Now the people's name is Bella. Animal control told me that Bella was friendly. And so if the person cutting my grass harm them, cause my landscaper is like, I'm going to bring my pistol. And I'm like, oh my God, this is going to turn into like blood on my hands.

But anyway, long story short, things like that can come up. Things that are uncomfortable, things that are difficult for you. And you just feel stuck in your business, right? Like, think about where you get your properties. Next time side note on this one, I could have bought the house right beside it. So I wouldn't have to worry about the pit bulls cause I could have had an orange.

And restricted the type of dogs, but anyway, that didn't happen. So moving on. So changing your business, personal life challenges, affecting your productivity, you know, maybe in this phase of your life or season, you're not as productive as you used to be putting more on your plate, then you can actually handle, I know I've done this before I work on not doing this as much.

And I think a lot of you do, does anybody resonate with that? And the last one really, I think getting stuck is just the. Like when you're overwhelmed or you're just burnout. It's easy just to feel stuck because. Finding those solutions, like you found before you just like, when you have nothing left, it's hard to pull even things that like, shouldn't be complicated, hard to do when you're burnout is just hard.

Like you just kind of lose that motivation. All right. So these are some of the. To get unstuck in your business. All right. So number one, it's all this awareness, right? Understand why you're stuck in the first place. So is it one of those four or five things that I just mentioned as a reason, go through the motions of it?

Like do the work to figure out, like write down and figure out. You know, what are you holding on to? And what could it possibly be? That's keeping you stuck figure out what your anchor is like, what's holding you on to there and then list out all of the possible solutions to get out of. Whatever's getting you stuck, even if it seems crazy, like listed out.

Okay. Number two is really get to know what your priorities are. And I always say go back to priorities because. I think losing focus is really easy to do, especially if you're in the middle of offering a new service. If you're in the middle of a marketing campaign in your business, if you're just now working or focusing on your lead generation to get more clients, it's easy to like lose the basics.

And I think a lot of business owners forget the basics of what's most important to have a business. You have to have an offer. You have to be pitching, you have to have selves, right? Like that's important. But if you find your. Stuck where you haven't done any presentations, you haven't pitched yourself at all.

No one knows that you offer these services and then you're not going to make any money. Right. And your business isn't going to be around next year, maybe even in a couple months from now. So focus on what your priorities are and then just take it one step at a time. You know, it's like the statement, how do you eat an elephant one step at a time?

You know, if you're, you know, my kids will be like, I'm not eating an elephant mom, but you get the analogy, right? So untangle things one at a time and then commit to finish. That one kind of area that is just really taking a lot of your time and it's not your priority. Complete it before you move on to the next step.

Okay. Number three is declutter. Declutter. Okay. So one thing you'll hear me just talk about all the time is like, oh, you may not hear me talk about it all the time, but I'm doing, I like have like these declutter days, but my husband thinks I take it to the extreme though, because at one point he would like take things I got rid of and like put it in storage because he's like, you're just going to buy anything.

That sounds really bad, but I'm being honest with you here. I don't know if anybody can relate to that. Yeah. So decluttering is all about, and it can be something decluttering, you know, everybody takes it to different streams, but it can be, it can be something as much as like clearing off your desktop.

I'm like looking at my background, like, am I declutter? I had to replace my, my Peloton bike for my Peloton riders. The bike kept sliding down on the sleeve. So that's a sleeping. And the new light thing for it. That's up there. So anyway, if it keeps dropping on you like your seat settings, you can just get another one if you have the warranty.

Anyway. So clearly I didn't declutter my effort, but you want to do things. It could be small as like screenshots on your desktop, your files on your computer, you know, the obvious things like your closet. Your Google drive. Is it organized? Like, for example, when you're submitting business, so we're doing an SBA loan right now for the second Cole stone franchise location we own.

And I decided to work with two banks at once for this one, just because the style is a little different and I had to make sure my documents were organized. But when I was rushing to kind of get something done and put it together, I realized it wasn't organized. So I had to declutter my inbox because normally either having like a Dropbox, a secure Google drive, you know, or a document secured, and this time it wasn't organized.

So I had to like declutter and get all of the, you know, when you're doing forums. And if you do an, a PDF version, you keep the original word, you keep the Excel sheet before you export it, you know? It matters. It helps you to get unstuck. I didn't delay it that much, but I delayed like moving forward in the business for the money acquisition, because I just dreaded getting all of these forms together when really it wasn't that big of a deal.

Right. So. Take some time and declutter, you know, organize whether that's, if you use a sauna or Trello for yourself and your team, a Google drive, a drawer, like how many of you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? My kids have turned mine into three drunk drawers garages. So, you know, decluttering is, is something that you have to do.

And I think you should like do it often. I do it. So number four is, and this sounds really simple, but I'm going to go ahead and say, it is make time for your business. You have to make it a habit to book your calendar for tasks and activities that are related to your business. Growing. Sometimes you're stuck because you look up and you're doing everything that you just feel really good at doing.

So make time for your business. Okay. And the reason I say this is that you end up getting comfortable, right? Like for me, My safe space in my business, like for, you know, social media, whatever Facebook, because I've been on Facebook for a very long time. I think I was on Facebook in the digital marketing world before like a lot of other people were, but now I'm shifting to get to know like Instagram and LinkedIn a little bit more like that's where I need to be, but it's just comfortable for me to come back to Facebook because it's what I know.

So putting it on your calendar. So for me, for example, lead generation, it would be making two to three. If I want to be reasonable connection. With a new network on a different platform and scheduling that out. I work full-time and then have three kids and other businesses. So I need to schedule, let's say like five to six or something, or maybe six 30 to seven 30 minutes, whatever it is.

But just being intentional about making that time to grow my business, to do things that are going to lead to businesses. And then number five is like, just keep it moving. Okay. Like keep moving forward. I was talking to a friend today who is going through a really, really, really rough patch in her life.

She's in that kind of space where a lot of us are in the sandwich generation. Her mother is in a long-term care facility. Her father had surgery, she just had surgery. Her sister just had surgery. Her brother's rotating in on the care and just listening to her and everything she's going through. And when sometimes when you're in your worst spot of your life, that's when you have the clearest advice.

And she was talking to me and she talked about an aunt who had had similar, uh, difficulties, loss of childhood, very young age, dealt with a lot of grief. And, you know, she said the same thing. Like when you have nothing left, when you feel stuck, You just keep going. And she was like, it was that simple. Like it's not easy.

It doesn't always feel good, but you can absolutely just keep moving forward. And one of my mentors, when I got into radiation oncology, he was a double board certified medical oncologist, or he is a double board certified medical oncologist and radiation oncologist, super smart guy, Dr. Charles Thomas, when I started working with him as a medical school.

He would always just tell me onward. You know, every time I talked to him, he signed it onward. And then at one point I started signing everything onward and it's just, it's a vibe like it's a whole vibe just moving forward, moving onward, despite. Right. A lot of us have been through obstacles. A lot of us have been stuck emotionally, physically, mentally just keep digging deeper into the psychology of why you're stuck and make the decision to move on.

And what I haven't mentioned right is fear is a lot of that named the. Do it anyway, thanks for listening. And for any of my fellow physicians listening today, I have a free gift for you. Nine business ideas for busy physicians to get your hands on it. Just go to melvasfreeoffer.com again, that's melvasfreeoffer.com. M E L V A S F R E E O F F E R.com if you enjoyed this episode and you like to help support the 1% code podcast, please share with others post about it on social media, leave a rating, and I would love your five-star review.
Are you a busy physician looking to build additional income streams?
Get my 9 Business Ideas for Busy Physicians here —> www.melvasfreeoffer.com

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