Season 2 Episode 2: There’s A Way

Jul 21, 2022

Entrepreneurs pivot and shift during periods of flux. Learn more about the phrase “When there’s a will, there’s a way “

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Mentioned in the Podcast: Pat Flynn, Host of Smart Passive Income Podcast


Hi, I’m Dr. Melva, your board certified radiation oncologist and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% code podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% code podcast. Hello. Hello.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the 1% code podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Melva Pinn- Bingham board certified radiation oncologist, serial entrepreneur franchise owner, and I help physician entrepreneurs struggling to grow additional income streams, navigate entrepreneurship, to scale their income.

And today we are talking about. There’s a way. So for those of you who have heard the term, the phrase, if there’s a will, there’s a way I wanna talk to you about that today as an entrepreneur, as a physician entrepreneur, as a mom. Wow. Have I got some stories? Oh my goodness. Like have I not have any English?

If I have some stories to share with you today, ask some stories to share with you today. Again, I find myself recording this podcast to get it done. If there’s a will, there’s a way. In a coffee shop. So you’re going to hear the background noise. I was gonna do this outside, but it has to be like a hundred degrees in Chesapeake, Virginia today.

Actually, I’m not even in Chesapeake. I think I’m in Suffolk right now. It’s the end of the day actually had a doctor’s appointment for my eyes today. I don’t even know how it got to be the end of the day before the podcast is coming out. But here we are, you have to get it done. Right? So this phrase came.

Toward the end of last week, when I was traveling for those of you listened to the podcast. Last week, I had a daughter that made state softball tournament with her team. They did a great job. Um, they did the best they could. There were some travel teams in there with rec ball games. Those you and sports know how that is.

And my other daughter was at a basketball camp. Came back to work this week. And I don’t know, it was just a lot of things going on. I also recorded that episode. One of the things we talk about here in the 1% code podcast is that done is better than perfect. So a lot of us in entrepreneurship when we’re first starting out, especially, or we hit a plateau, we get stuck on this perfectionism and we worry more about.

The final results or what will people think or what if it goes wrong instead of just getting started and getting going right. And we get stuck this analysis paralysis or imposter syndrome. And my challenge for you. And my challenge for myself has been to just get messy, get dirty, get going, get started.

And I always need reminders of this and this weekend, actually, my husband helped me with this. There was this task. I avoided. And I, I do like Olympic style avoiding, right? It’s not just that. I won’t do it as a matter of fact, I’ll start five to six other projects instead of doing this one. And I think I talked about this a little bit last, last time, but in this kind of epic adventure that I was having last week in having two children needing to be in two separate parts of the state last week, I ended up driving four hours in one day.

It was insane. It. Isn’t really planned, but whatever is, you know, my father growing up, always talked about Murphy’s law, you know, as something can go wrong, it will. And it’s funny because when he saw me last weekend, my dad, he says, You know, he calls me a nickname, which I won’t say on the podcast, because what is it like on the internet?

Kind of like in Vegas, what, what happens here? Doesn’t really stay here in this forever on an IP address somewhere. Uh, but he, he, he comes to me, he talks to me and he said, you know, I can’t believe you just made that drive. And I was thinking, well, what’s four hours in one day when we lived, or I worked in different rural areas as a physician.

I’d do seven, seven half hours one time. , it’s kind of funny. One time I lived somewhere and I didn’t wanna get my hair done by someone else. So I literally drove seven, seven and a half hours back and forth to go to my petition. But anyway, I digress. So anyway, I did this epic four hour drive. And when my dad looked at me and was, you know, he had just done half of that.

He said, I don’t know how you did that. And came back and awake and have energy. And I looked at him and was like, what you taught me if there’s a will there’s. So the reason I wanna bring that up is that you’re going to be faced with multiple hard times in entrepreneurship. So right now we’re in the pandemic.

There are multiple businesses that started during the pandemic. They failed. If you look in any of these strip malls, their lease signs up there for sale signs up, there are businesses that started were thriving. They closed their businesses that got the E I DL loans, the PPP loans. Once those were exhausted, they’re over.

We’ve even seen in the businesses we’ve had for the franchises where we’re seeing more red in the bank accounts these days, yes. Overdrafts and then deposits to take it in and out. You don’t have to be perfect to be an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, the more failures you have, the faster, the failures, you have the greater success, the higher success you’re going to have.

So. Back to, if there’s a will, there’s a way you have to figure out how to get past the difficult times in your life, in your business journey. And if you don’t have a mantra to get you through those hard times, you’ll continue to have the hard times. So what is your mantra? That’s really what I want you to think about.

And I think it’s interesting. When you’re in the different phases of your life, which mantras, or, you know, whatever you like to call it, your affirmation, or, you know, your go-to saying, I mean, everybody kind of has a, a different take on it. What is it that you fall back on in those times? Um, and it, it’s interesting because, okay.

I’ve said that a lot, but again, it’s been a long day. I’m literally sitting here holding my phone because the shop I’m in the wifi didn’t work. So I’m recording this on my phone. I probably don’t have the best mic, but again, it’s just about getting it done, being consistent. And one thing I learned from pat Flynn of smart, passive income and going to link him below.

Said that you should link on their podcast that you listen to. And I listened to pat Flynn as I was driving four hours at five o’clock in the morning to take one child to another one. I’ve been listening to pat Flynn. Since he’s been out. Maybe he started talking about multiple streams of income, passive income back in oh 8 0 9, maybe 2010 is when he started podcasting.

Uh, but he was one of the first people I started listening to as entrepreneur. What he said is that you should talk about other podcasts and link other podcasts cuz it connects it. So there’s marketing tip. But anyway, one of the things he said was that, but he, you know, he talked about, um, I completely lost my train of thought, but we’re gonna keep going.

But he talked about getting out here, being fresh pivoting when you need to, as an entrepreneur. And you know, it’s not really about. All of the other stuff that you worry about, you know, so here I am, again, I feel like this has been two or three weeks in a row. And, and another thing I know why I was saying it now.

Sorry. I know I was saying it now with, with pat Flyn, he was saying it’s better to batch your content. Okay. And I teach this. Any my clients or anyone that’s taken my courses or work with me one on one, um, in VIP coaching. And if you’re looking at your physician entrepreneur, you’re looking for a coach strategy struggling to make those additional income streams.

You can go to Dr. and there’s a link to have a strategy call with me. Um, happy to get on the call and see how we can help serve you here at Dr. Melva. He talks about, um, he talks about batching, right. And repurposing content. But for me in the last three weeks, I haven’t been in that zone because the message is shifting the focus is shifting and you’re okay.

Doing that in your podcast. You’re okay. Doing that in your content. You’re okay. Doing that in your clinical life, you know, those burnout doctors out there, that’s fine to do, but if you’re not batching your content, if you’re not planning ahead ahead, it doesn’t mean you. It means you just find yourself in a coffee shop again, at the end of the day, holding your phone recording on not perfect mic with your VA, who’s going to help produce your podcast so that it comes out as your listeners, who you appreciate very much are waiting, you know, to listen to your episode. Right. You know, so it’s the, the more you, the more you let go of what you’re holding onto. Could be completely meaningless, the stronger you’re going to be the lighter in weight you’re going to feel.

Right. So one more story I’ll share with you because I really hope someone’s getting value from this I, I, I had a patient that finished, uh, this week and, and those of you who are just happened to listen to this as your first episode, and as you have listened me before, thank you again for continuing to stay on with me, even in these weeks like this.

I often wonder how I’ve done this for so long. She, she finished, um, earlier this week and it was one of those days I was out last week. And so when I, I came back and she, she understood, sometimes you connect with people on a level that’s difficult to explain for other people. And I was sharing with her story because when she first started her treatment, she was less than excited about having radiation.

And I don’t think anyone jumps up like, oh my God, I have been waiting. To see a radiation doctor and I’ve been waiting to have radiation. No, no one gets excited about meeting me and everyone is super excited that that’s the last time they will see me as a radiation oncologist. And they hope to see me outside of the office, which I completely understand ed sport.

So she was finishing, she said, we’re, we’re having a story where sharing a story. And, and that started the story, explaining it, what had happened. And, and I started with, if there’s a will and she finished it, she said, there’s a way. You know, it just gave me chill bumps, because when you connect with someone on that level and they understand.

On a different level, the meaning, the culture, the saying, and, and what I like to say is that they li they’ve lived some life, you know, that’s what I like to say. They they’ve lived some life. They’ve been through some things. And, and when I’m talking to some other doctors, when we talk about, you know, sometimes med students, right?

Like physicians, you know, you know, these conversations that I’m having, or you talk about, you know, younger residents or. Maybe patients that come in are just disrespectful to your staff. And you can tell those professionals, or you can tell those patients, or you can tell those colleagues who haven’t done enough in their life.

They haven’t lost enough in their life. They haven’t had enough business exposure experience in their life to really appreciate the will and the. And the sacrifices to get to where they need to be. So I respected this patient even more than I had the first day. I, I, I met her because to get through any treatment, to get through a cancer treatment, to get through a radiation treatment, you know, on the other hand to get through entrepreneurship, to get through.

Almost anything that I can think of on so many different levels, it takes a lot. And to continue to grow, to continue to overcome obstacles, it means a lot. So I’m encouraged, I’m inspired. I’m also tired. right. And, and when I want to quit, when I want to throw in the towel, Something like that always happens.

It could be something as small for me as seeing a patient that’s continuously sick continuously going into the hospital and a, a patient’s family that maybe we’ve talked about different options, such as hospice or palliative care before. And. Just just going out there again and saying, Hey look, can, are, are you open to having this conversation one more time?

Are you open to talking about the options and what you want in your life? What goals are important to you and, and maybe talking about a hospice or palliative care. Consultation again. I know I’m jumping around here, but I really hope that this is valuable. And I’m speaking to someone that needs to hear this.

And I was able to do this recently. And when that patient left, she said that was the best news she had gotten that day that I reopened the doors to talk about a palliative care or hospice consultation. So I want you to continue to be inspired even when you’re tired. Even when you’re burnout, even when you can’t get a wifi signal at one of the places that brings you into their shop for their wifi, even when you teach and coach on batching content and you haven’t batched enough content to repurpose or have a podcast going up each week, right.

Even when you. Um, what else? I don’t know. Anyway, pat Flynn, I’m gonna quote pat Flyn again, pat fly. I love you. Shout out to you. I would love to have you on my show, pat. Flyn says you shouldn’t wrap up really long cause people know that you should end it. So with that, I appreciate you listening to my show.

I’m Dr. Melva until next time, this is the 1% code podcast. Love you until next time. Bye. Thanks for listening. And for any of my fellow physicians listening today, I have a free gift for you. Nine business ideas for busy physicians to get your hands. Just go to again, that’s, M E L V A S F R E E O F F E R . COM. If you enjoyed this episode and you like to help support the 1% code podcast, please share with others post about it on social media, leave a rating, and I would love your five star review.

Are you a busy physician looking to build additional income streams?
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