Season 3 Episode 0: Welcome Physician Entrepreneurs
Sep 22, 2022

The last kid finally finished their homework. The laundry’s done sports clothes are out. Kids ate. I think everything’s ready for tomorrow. And I didn’t even go to the clinic today. It’s a matter of fact, I’ve been on FMLA, because my dad who was a physician, family-physician unexpectedly died. And I’ve been out mourning his death.

And as this new season in my life has begun, I’d like to welcome you to season three of the 1% Code Podcast.

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The last kid finally finished their homework. The laundry's done sports clothes are out. Kids ate. I think everything's ready for tomorrow. And I didn't even go in the clinic today. It's matter. A fact I've been on FMLA, because my dad who was a physician, family-physician unexpectedly died. And I've been out mourning his death.

And as this new season in my life has began, I'd like to welcome you to season three of the 1% code podcast. Hi, I'm Dr. Melva, your board certified radiation oncologist and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% code podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love or the one they want to love.

Again, learn more on the 1% code podcast. I'm your host, Dr. MAVA board certified radiation oncologist, serial entrepreneur franchise owner, mom of. And in this new season, it is dedicated to my father, Dr. Melvin T. Pinn, Jr. MD MPH, family medicine, physician of the year by the academy of family physicians,

my hero. He believed in the art of medicine and he served and he set the foundation along with my mother. for what it meant

to really make a difference and stand behind what you believe in every day. So the reason that I've shifted the focus intentionally to serve physician. Entrepreneurs on the 1% code podcast is because, and I'm going to be honest with you in this time. And it literally is emotionally energetically, everywhere, a new season.

And I want you to feel this. I want you to embrace this. My children are all three. Going to be at different schools. We're in elementary, middle school and high school. We're on new sports teams.

I've lost a parent best friend. My father, my role model in medicine.

My mother's best friend. They were married for 51 years. So as I enter this journey,

I really had to face a couple things. And one of those was courage and physicians, I want to talk to you about fear because this is one of the biggest things. as I've coached and talked to clients, especially physicians, fear of failure comes up and courage comes up and belief comes up and you know where that started.

It started a lot of it started with the, when we got into medical school, it was look to your left, look to the right and who won't be there. A lot of this has to be undone. And for me, I had to work and I've been working on this time that I took a mental health break and I wanted that to be put out front.

And so when I finally got up to the point where I could post on social media about the loss of my father, which was July 26th, 2022, when my father passed away, I don't think I even posted on social media until maybe a week or so later, you know, it. it was the, um, I, I lost that self trust in myself in that first job post residency.

When I was questioned, I was questioned for my, I don't know, it was just everything. I, I was board certified. I was well trained and I, I was thrown into a. Most likely like a lot of you listening, where, where I was questioned, just for the simple fact that I was thrown into a practice that was previously private practice and the hospital acquired the group.

I know many of you were in that situation and you know, many of the group had previously had, you know, I don't wanna give it away, but like a million weeks of vacation and the new people coming in had like an hour, you know what I mean? , I'm being facetious. And when we were put into those situations, you kind of figured it out.

I got to the point because those of you haven't met me, or if you don't know my backstory, if you're just now listened to the 1% code podcast. Thank you so much for being here. I decided, Hey, I know my value. I know my worth. I know my worth. I was an entrepreneur before I was a physician. And so the value that I can bring to physicians is that because I knew my worth, I decided that is enough.

When you were an entrepreneur, you're able to get your time back. You're able to make decisions and you could still practice clinical medicine just differently in a, in a way that gives you freedom. And you know what you get to have. And I talked about this on the 1% code in. Seasons and episodes that walk away factor, you know, what that walk away factor does for you.

It helps you once you do the work and you get yourself. Trust in yourself back and you get that self belief back. You get that power back that you had before you got into medical school. Right? You remember when you would take a test and you were the smartest person in the room, you had the highest GPA, you were on the committees and you did the community service and you were building habitat for humanity and you were at the.

Food banks. And you were doing your own projects and you were changing the world and you would light up a room. You weren't fussing in position communities of different types about who was getting their loans paid off, or, you know, people were judging you thinking you have the most money. And all of the things that we find ourselves caught up in today.

Right. You weren't worrying about someone needing a physician to sign off on someone else's privileges that maybe had less education than you and worrying. If there was enough critical thought and education, those weren't your issues, right? You were to place a power, well educated and you were out there to serve and make a difference in the community.

Those are the physicians that are entrepreneurs, who I want to help. You know why? Because a lot of my. For years just went to courses and classes and instructors, not all of them, but many of them who saw me as a target and all they saw on my back as Dr. Melva pin Bingham were dollar signs. And it's happened to a lot of you doctors.

Do you know why? Because I saw you in the same classes. I saw you enroll in those classes. I saw that you were a paid member and then I saw you in the next one and you still hadn't done. right, because you didn't have enough time or maybe you tried it and didn't work. And then, you know, you signed up for the next one and then you were in the free master class, and then you spent all the time and then you bought the $10,000 branding package and then it.

It turned out. Right. And then, and then you had a lot of time, but then, you know, you had a kid later because medicine didn't really let you have one or your first job, didn't keep you. And then, you know, like you tried this email server, but it didn't work because it, you couldn't get technical help. And then, you know, you hired an assistant, but the assistant didn't really work out, but you were paying them a lot of money and you didn't know, you could go on fiber for $5, right?

You get stuck and then no one really told you that, Hey, it was how you believed something that someone told you when you were 10. And if you would just maybe listen to Tony Robbins a little bit more, you would understand that you have everything that you need right now and what you focus on, you find, right.

But then you weren't around like-minded people. And so you lost that motivation and you forgot, right? These things take time. 80% of it is mindset, but you have to have that 20% of. and you have to find your people. Like I'm not for everybody. Some coaches aren't for everybody. And some people are a bunch of fluff.

Some of us like to get right down to the point, what do I need to do? What's step one to get in action. What's step two other doctors. We need accountability. Some of my clients just need to meet and talk with me, you know, to make sure they're actually doing something right. So docs, I get it. Physician entrepreneurs.

I get it, but let me tell you why I never really wanted to work with doctors because when I first started this whole, you know, online, you know, social media thing, which was a long time, by the way, I was online back when it was like the AOL rememberable thing you had to like, do the dial up back in Charlotte, North Carolina.

at the time when my father could still come in the room and I wasn't listening. And I told him like, you know, I could do whatever I want and, and my parents got that real straight. Right. That's why I'm such a well behaved, um, adult. I'm just kidding. I have been doing this for a long time. I used to go to like flea markets, get books and like resell them.

Back when you could do a package of books at the flea market with like one of my close friend's moms and you know, my husband and I had. Shoe, you know, like shoe stations and we used to do after like a hurricane, go get a, um, what do you call it? Like the go cut down. Well, I wouldn't cut down trees, but like, you know, after a storm go to the store and get the, what do you call it?

Like the, the it's late at night. Like, literally I'm doing this late at night because this is what doctors, like all y'all are up. I went and did a face. You know, I did a Facebook live the other day. Y'all are up. I know you're up at night, so I might as. I'm talking to physicians now, like, this is what I am.

Right. You know, so that's the, the reason. But anyway, my point is I've done this for a long time, so I understand how entrepreneurs think. And that was the other problem. I got confused between my physician identity and being an entrepreneur. It's different physicians. You can't go in like a physician and do business that way.

Physician think. Business think are different. Okay. So I wanna help you because when you get those identities mixed up, things happen. Like you hire staff that are dependent on you. Like in the clinic, you need independent workers. You want people that can work independently to get your project done. so you have to start thinking like a CEO and you need to hire CEO sometimes because that's where passive income happens, other things.

And you can look back at the first season because it's applicable. Um, when I talked about this is there are tons of ways to make money for multiple streams of income, but it doesn't mean that all money is the way you wanna make money as a physician, you may have no interest in it. You know, I have done, and I realize that, you know, sometimes I just sign up of.

For a course of how to make money, learning the techniques and realize I had no desire to do it. And that I really just wanted to see how it could help somebody else make money who would be interested in that type of thing. Like, I was not the person in the course that was gonna make the most money.

That wasn't my intent. And it would just drive coaches crazy. They were like, well, we know you're capable. And I'm like, yeah, well, I, first of all, I would do this a whole lot differently. And I don't know why you guys are doing this because while I was in your course, I saw something you did. And I just went and made a hundred thousand.

but that part you just skipped over you know, it was just like, that's what physicians do. That's why we're so brilliant because I have seen physician entrepreneurs in action. I want to see more physician entrepreneurs because as a patient myself, another thing that happened in 2022 for me is I was diagnosed and this was a long time coming because I think it just wasn't put together.

And I finally slowed down enough to see. other talented physician entrepreneurs, real estate investor, Sjogren's, you know, disease, autoimmune disease. So I've had dry eyes for a long time. I thought I had, you know, what do you call it? Like carpal tunnel on both wrists, which I guess I'd seen a physician.

They put that together. You know? So my life changed. I've been seeing eye doctor had a lot of help maybe. Physicians more physicians, more entrepreneurs. I could have had more long term products that helped me. Right? So as a patient, I want physicians that are seeing and helping each other. And then as a mother, there's so many products that physicians have experience and our brilliance, we can help more people.

I wanna serve physician entrepreneurs, right? Like, this is what this is about. I'm excited about the physicians that are going to come on here for interviews, just sharing your stories and all different points of entrepreneurship. You know, those who are like me, who have just been let's let's, let's just call it what it is straight up hustlers, right?

Like you, you see the opportunity for money. And a lot of times I see other people. Who business is not their thing. They're just, they just love their little hobbies and they're not trying to monetize it, but they love someone like me who is like, actually, you could go ahead and pay for that bill. If you just do this one little thing, can I just help you do this one little thing?

I mean, I just can't help myself. And you know, my family are the people who know me forever. They know how that is. They're like, yeah, let Melva come through. She'll just, she'll just go ahead and do that for you. And you know, one thing my, my mother and father always joke about they're like, MOS, probably already done that.

She probably already submitted it and just changed it. And I kind of laughed. I'm like, yeah, I already, already did that. I, I submitted it for you or I made that change. I just it's one of those things. And when you find your thing, your business thing that you didn't even realize was, could be, or is a passive stream of income for you, you literally can do it with your eyes closed.

And for me as a radiation oncologist, hard talks, talks around death and dying talks around a cancer diagnosis and, and dealing with difficult conversations. So when, when a patient comes in and I work in rural medicine because, and I have this conversation over and over and over again with physicians, when you're burned out, when you can't get that family life balance and being there for your kids.

And, you know, I've had that conversation so many times with physicians. I mean, I guess I should have paid attention. I mean, I did, but you know, it was one of those things where it's like, okay, I can just write this in the group. That was a decision for me when that comes into play. Yeah. I I've helped a lot of physicians with that.

I can do that with my eyes closed. I I'm the hard one, like hard conversations. I got you, you know, I, I can do that. I can go in there and match the energy and, you know, patients come. One way and they leave out the other and my staff is just like, okay, this one's for you. And I'm like, thank you. you know it, thank you.

Okay. I got it. You know, but then I'm, I'm gonna take off the next week. So, and that's another reason I took a mental health break because I knew, especially with my dad dying unexpectedly, I mean, we never know what anyone's gonna die. Right. But I knew I needed to take time for me. And again, I'm gonna say that again because doctors take time.

let your cup be full. Also, if you haven't considered entrepreneurship because of fear, fear, failure. I want you to fail fast, get started, push the start button, get over that perfection. You know, I, I I've gotten on LinkedIn and I talked about this or film did, I don't even know when this is gonna come out, but I, I.

Really do much else on LinkedIn, because why? Because of courage because of fear, lack of courage, I should say, because my entire professional security is on LinkedIn. You know, all my previous bosses, future bosses. And I was like, well, do I really wanna tell them what I do? Well, most of them know, anyway, because once I went to this last job, I told them, you know, I know my worth.

I had a separate sec separate it's late. So excuse me, I had a separate contract that said, Hey, look. I'm an entrepreneur. These are my rights. Like, take me for who I am. you know, and you have to, I want you to have that confidence. I want you to be in the place where they are excited. You are of value added value.

Okay. Physicians own that physician entrepreneurship. And now in 2022, those who have come before you. I applaud physician entrepreneurs. Like I am so excited now I will be in your inbox. Please look for me. And if I am not in your inbox, in your email, please come to mine. Let's collaborate. I am so proud of what you've done because honestly, I felt like I was, I used to watch, what was it?

Pink Panther. With the, um, the black hat on, I felt like I was like that or inspector gadget, like hiding. I didn't know if you know this young entrepreneur who'd been this way since I came out, the wo almost could tell other people that I was a physician and an entrepreneur. You know, I used to think I had to write physician and entrepreneur.

The fact now that we can say physician entrepreneur, like it's a whole hashtag we can put it out there, you know? And, and when I, you know, like Dr. Dre. work with Dr. Dre. I met Dr. Dre and he said the word, I think it was like 2017. We had a conference, a spoken, um, Atlanta with Dr. Gina, I believe in, um, some other mocha doctors.

And I was just fascinated that Dr. Dre come up with Dr. Per I'm like, oh my God, it's a word together. It's a thing , you know, and now we've embraced that. I'm so proud of that. And it took me a while, but knowing the struggles that I had that cost. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a lot. I made a lot of profit back, but I also had a lot of losses.

Right. But they're not losses because all of those things that I learned, I learned a lot and all of that is knowledge for you. It it's skills. Right. And I've used that to make a ton of money. This is a public thing. So we're not gonna put out how much money I've made. Right. you know, and, and not only that I've been able to serve and specifically.

I'm saving so much money for other physicians because we have specific physician issues, right. And even just picking physician coaches, but not only that, choosing the coaches that are non-physicians or specialists or vendors that understand how to work with you and what you want to get, what end result, what agenda you have that is important.

you need, you need to figure that out. Okay. So that's what season three is, that's it? You know, so at this point I feel like I need to go raid. Um, I don't even remember which floors cuz I'm outpatient now, but I need a freezer. I mean, like I need one of those little, like maybe an orange. Do they even still have those in the hospital?

Cuz I haven't been to the hospital in a while. I'm like outpatient. Maybe like some peanut butter or crackers, do they even have that in like the COVID pandemic right now? I feel like that's how I made it through. no training. Like that was, that was the diet. That was the diet, you know, like some sheer and some crackers.

I, I think that was great nutrition. So thank you so much for listening. Other physicians, physician entrepreneurs, please invite them to the 1% code podcast. Let me know what topics I can help you with, how I can serve you. I do have a one on one program. It's an eight week program. The 1% accelerator where I can help you start or grow a business in eight weeks.

If you're interested in that, please go to talk with Dr. I'm excited to chat. Thanks for listening. And for any of my fellow physicians listening today, I have a free gift for you. Nine business ideas for busy physicians to get your hands on it.

Just go to again, that's M E L V A S F R E E O F F E R . C O M if you enjoyed this episode and you like to help support the 1% code podcast, please share with others post about it on social media, leave a rating, and I would love your five star review.
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