Season 3 Episode 1: Helping Physician Entrepreneurs with Dr. Renee Matthews
Sep 29, 2022
For today’s episode, we’re featuring Dr. Renee Matthews.

Dr. Renee Matthews is a leader in the healthcare industry. She has spent the early part of her career as a medical educator and as a radio host for a satellite radio show.

Dr. Renee Matthews was awarded the 2013 Friend of Mobile C.A.R.E. Award for her commitment to raising awareness of asthma in her current city of Chicago. In addition to writing about health, Dr. Matthews conducts speaking engagements on topics like social media, motivation, inspiration and provides business advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In addition to being featured in Ebony and Essence magazine. Dr. Matthews was a contributing writer for Good Enough Mother, Essence, MadameNoire, and Black and Married With Kids, where she was reporting on health news and health care. In addition to her columns, Dr. Matthews has often appeared as a lecturer before various organizations.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melva, your board certified radiation oncologist and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% Code Podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love, or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% Code Podcast.

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome back to another episode of the 1% Code Podcast. We are in season three with focus on physician entrepreneurs. I'm Dr. Melva, your host, board certified radiation oncologist, serial entrepreneur, and I am helping physician entrepreneurs scale their income by helping them to navigate entrepreneurship.

So, so happy to welcome my friend Dr. Renee Matthews. I'm gonna let her introduce yours herself, because I could not do her justice. I reached out to Dr. Renee, She did a post, I think it was around trading, and I was like, Oh my God, I hear you when I go to any doctor's office, I see you on the, the videos. I, I recognize your voice.

I'm in your inbox. I wanna learn from you. And then we just connected. I learned so much from her. Thank you so much for agreeing to come. In the podcast, one of my first interviews for physician entrepreneurs. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 1% Code Podcast. Thank you so much for having me. I am Dr. Renee. Um, yes, I have a last name, but I don't use it.

But I'm Dr. Renee and I tell everyone I am a medical doctor, but I educate the masses. So my, my office is the world, so I educate the masses via media. So I talk about health on tv, radio, print, and online media. So, like she said, I have a show that's in doctor's office waiting rooms. It's in 45,000 offices across the country.

It's called Out of Office with Dr. Renee. So if you're sitting in the waiting room and the TV's playing, more than likely my show may pop up. Um, and then I've also heard that I'm in some cafeterias of hospitals and I saw myself in the waiting room of the Walgreens clinic once, um, , which was really crazy.

But, um, but yeah, I've done a lot of, I've done, I've done um, blogs, I've done magazines, I've done all sorts of stuff. But I always talk about health and wellness. If you do not have your health, you have nothing else, You don't have to worry about going to work. You don't have to worry about finding a babysitter for the kids.

You don't have to fi worry about paying your bill. You have to worry about nothing if you do not have your health. So my hashtag is Live Life You Deserve, because I just want everyone to be happy and I want everyone to live life that they deserve cuz we all deserve to be happy. Right, right. Well, awesome.

Well welcome, welcome to this show. So let's, let's go back. So the, the reason I wanted to really focus on physicians and entrepreneurship is that we as physicians, Everyone didn't decide upfront they wanted to do entrepreneurship. So I wanna know a little bit about your story, because you are, you're different, right?

You knew what you wanted to do when you went into med school, or at what point in your journey did you decide to do this route? So I knew that I wanted to be Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Yes, she's a white Jewish woman and no, I am not , I am not white nor Jewish , but, But Dr. Nancy Snyderman was on Good Morning America when I was a child.

And she would always talk about health. And I knew that I wanted to be a doctor, but I specifically wanted to be like her. Now, of course, I knew nobody that did that except for her, and I didn't know her . And so, and my mom, who actually is a medical professional, my mother is a, uh, respiratory therapist and was the director of respiratory and, um, ecg, not evasive, at Detroit Receiving, which is a level one trauma center here in Detroit, Michigan.

Um, so my mom was always medical too. Um, She didn't know anybody. I didn't know anybody, so we were like, and so my resolve was I'll just be an OBGYN because I really liked that. Um, in kindergarten we went to my friend's, um, dad's office. He was an OBGYN and he did a ultrasound on one of the brownies. It was the brownie troop that went and I was just like, Oh my God, this is what I wanna do.

And so my fallback was, I'll just deliver babies because we don't know anybody on TV and I don't know how to get. Okay. That's a leap, but, Okay. . Ok. I mean, I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I specifically wanted to be that kind. But since I didn't know how to get on TV to do that, Right. I, you know, of all of the different, you know, specialties you could pick from, that was the one that I liked.

Okay. Um, I have severe asthma and allergies, which I'm sure we'll talk about. And so my mother was like, Oh, well you should be a pulmonologist. But I was like, That's boring to me because. Granted, I didn't study pulmonology. Thank you so much for listening. Other physicians, physician entrepreneurs, please invite them to the 1% Code Podcast.

Let me know what topics I can help you with, how I can serve you. I do have a one on one program. It's an eight week program, the 1% accelerator where I can help you start or grow a business in eight weeks. If you're interested in that, please go to talk with dr I'm excited to chat with you. I had studied it because that was me.

Like I had been a sick kid my whole life. I grew up with allergies and asthma. I did not wanna be an allergy and immunologist, and I didn't wanna be a pulmonologist. I didn't want anything to do with asthma because that was my every day. Whereas being a woman obviously is my thing. But ob gyn. I liked babies, but I didn't wanna be a pediatrician.

I had checked that out in high school and figured out that was not the route for me. As much as I like children, I love babysitting. I want my own children, I love my little, my friend's children. But being the pediatrician was not the hookup. And, um, I didn't like giving the kids shots. And, um, I, um, also was exposed to be to OBGYN's office, um, rather early that day in kindergarten and then back again my senior year of high school.

And I was like, mm-hmm. , this is it. This is what I like. This is what I like. This is what I like. Right, right. Plus I watched a lot of TV and I knew I had seen enough and was like, that's what I like. Okay, so what happened next? ? So after, um, so I, um, went to, I went to undergrad, went to med school, and. Right outta med school.

I ended up meeting this man who took me to a radio station and was like, I think if you go with me to the station, you'll end up with your own show. Awesome. Okay. And he was right. I ended up walking out with the contacts and I started my show. My show was on, um, Uh, XM before they merged. Okay. And we were one channel.

Tell those of us who maybe didn't have our show right out of med school. Can you tell us about XM and the merge and, No, I'm talking, you know, satellite radio. So Xer xm. Yeah. Tell, tell us more.

When we get a new car, we don't know the history. Okay. Sirius XM is now one, it's the digital radio station radio. That worked. Whereas before there used to be competitors, there was serious and there was xm. Okay. And then now they came together and made serious xm. But um, XM was the first one. And, um, XM had a channel that was for medical professionals.

Literally, that's who was on, and that's who was listening. And so I was on that of channels. It was just that. I don't even remember that phase. Yeah. And um, I was on that channel and I think it still exists too. We're not gonna say the name of it because they left me a little special. Um, so I, um, I did that and.

I was like, okay, you know, it was a step in the right direction, but I knew I didn't wanna talk to us . That was boring. Like why? I knew that I wanna be like Dr. Nancy Snyderman. I wanted to talk to regular people and help them about, you know, talk to them about their health. And I was like, Why am I here?

Like why, Really? Okay, so I did. My last interview was a dream and I booked it myself, which is part of the reason why I think my producer was salty and started acting shady to me. Yeah. Um, I interviewed Dr. Ian Smith. Okay. Okay. Like I said, I booked it myself, so I was able to contact him and I did it myself.

And of course, that meant they didn't have his contact info. I did because I did myself. So they didn't like that. But I mean, it was my show too. So, um, . So that was really cool to talk to him because he kind of had done what I kind of thought maybe I should be doing, and it was interesting to hear his story of how he got there and stuff.

So that was cool. Um, so I did that right outta med school and worked my day job and was like, Well, hey, if I could get from. Nowhere to satellite radio where my family and in Antigua and in the UK and wherever they live in the world could listen to me. Then maybe perhaps I can actually do what I wanna do and be Dr.

Nancy Snyderman. Right. So, um, that was that. Then after that, I, at my job there was some TV opportunities. We were the only public cord blood bank in the state of Illinois. I was the medical educator for them, and when we did public events, they would have the press there and I would end up speaking for them.

And so I was like, Okay, I can do this, I can do this. And so fast forward, um, 20, I forget what year it was. 2014, I think it was my, um, business coach, Jay Stone said, You should really try to work. , um, doctors, I was like, Huh? And she said, Because you've built this brand that no one, no doctor would know how to do, but you know how to do this and so you should help them.

Um, before that, in 2005, I had started my entertainment company, Mega Matthew's Entertainment Group and Associates live la um, live big. Wait, what is. I forgot our tagline. It just everybody, Did y'all hear that? She's so big. She doesn't even know the name of half of her companies. Okay, continue. Tagline. Just left.

Oh, Dream big. Live bigger mega. Okay, love it. So, Matthew's Entertainment Group and Associates. So that started in 2005 and we were working with entertainers. And so, um, uh, that's what I did and I did that. Like I said, with my full-time job, I did that well. Then my business coach says, You should work with doctors.

And I was like, Oh. And I was like, Okay. I wasn't opposed to it. I was like, This sounds fine. So my first clients were my longest clients, the twin doctors. Um, Twin doctors, I think is their website. Um, but they are two ob GYNs and we did a lot, They were on Amazing Race and that's how I knew who they were.

And then my, my bestie doctor Dre had an event in Chicago and we invited them to that event and they came. And right after that is when we started working together. And um, and we still worked together up until last year, so quite a while. But, um, So, yeah, with them, I, we did a lot. We did a lot. They had a syndicated radio, um, radio, uh, segment on Ed Lover, um, Ed Lover's radio show.

That was a syndicated radio show. That was on Radio One. They were on hln. Um, they've been on the Karen Hunter show. They've been on Sway in the Morning. They did a whole lot. But, um, so yeah, I, um, I did that, that was great. And along like, while I did their stuff, I did my stuff. Um, now everything is just my stuff, which is really cool.

And now I have a management team that works with me and they do my stuff for me, which is awesome. Um, so, uh, I just get to show up sometimes. And sometimes, yes, I still pitch myself, but they're doing a lot of the heavy lifting, so that's really cool. Um, and then last year I became an. Congratulations. Thank you.

Because it was a pandemic and people have been telling me I should write a book. And so books finally got written. Um, so Mommy, I can't breathe. The Modern Guides navigate allergies and asthma and. No, Renee, you are allergic. So both books talk about asthma and allergies. The children's book is only food allergies, but it's part of a series.

So the next one will be about asthma. And um, yeah, so the book, the, um, Mommy, I Can't Breathe Is Ha Is First Half is My Story of Living with Asthma and Allergies, Right? And then the second half goes into the science about treatment and symptoms and all of that fun. Wow. So let me, let me back up. So first of all, congratulations.

Your story is just amazing. Thank you. Multiple companies delivering babies contracts. Don't even remember the names. I mean just, just amazing. Cause it's so congratulations. I mean, it's just inspiring. I don't even know if I knew all of that. I mean, I read your bio, I've talked to you, and we can't even get all of that in when we're talking.

I mean, We've covered a lot and I feel like I've talked to you a lot, whether it's in the middle of the night or in the morning before. I, I mean wow. So you're very inspiring. So thank you so much for sharing that. And I don't even know where to start, but I'm gonna go back to a couple things that you said because one of the reasons, we have a couple of things.

A, we have a lot in common, right? But working with doctors mm-hmm. , that's been a a point for me. Also it's that pause. Like, we're both physicians. We both wanted to be physicians, but other people have to look at us and say, Hey, you should work with doctors, you should work with physicians. I just wanna go back to that.

Why was that a pause for you? I didn't pause. I just had never thought of it because I was in an entertainment space. So, you know, um, we had a rapper that we met at 15 years old that we took pretty far. And then, um, lady t and then, um, We had, I, I did PR for Chico De Barge when he came out with, um, his latest project, which has, which was like his first project in a very long time.

Mm-hmm. . Um, and so I really knew that space. Okay. Um, I had really, especially with Lady t I had really learned a space of, you know, all the different clubs and the different, you know, DJs and her music played on, um, digital music choice, you know, the channels on cable that play music. I got her music on there.

So then it was easy for me to get anyone else's music on there. So other music clients, you know. So I knew that, I knew that space very well. So I was like, doctors, and they're like, I mean, you're a doctor. Look what you've done with yourself. And I was like, Oh yeah. So then I was just like, okay. And you know, I basically put them in the places that I had put myself.

Right. But I think that's powerful. That's why I wanna bring that up to you. Yeah, because, and you and I have talked about this belief. Mm-hmm. belief is so important because a lot of us in this entrepreneurial. Shift when we're going, especially these high tickets and pitching ourselves, we find ourselves pitching other people, pitching our clients and making these shifts that we don't always see it for ourselves or for physicians as we're going out in this entrepreneurial world.

Even when we do it for other people. Right, Like you did it for reps. No, I totally agree. Like when I did, when I was like after, when I lost my, my job was eliminated June 24th, 2013, and when it was eliminated. I was like, What am I gonna do now? And everyone's like, What do you mean? What are you gonna do?

You're gonna, you're gonna do what you're supposed to do, right? One, I'm working on getting my own talk show. And they were like, Okay, whatever you have to do to get the talk show, you need to do that. But in the meantime, in between time, they were like, There's so many things you can do. And I, so I literally asked somebody, how do I pitch myself to whatever magazine?

They were like, Renee, but you've gotten all these other people in the. Who I know, but that was them. I don't know how to talk about me . They were like, what? I was like, Right, right, right. And that's that. I think that's the million dollar question. And I just, I was listening to you and I said, Man, it's not just me.

And you know, I was thinking if, if you had to think. Why is that for physicians? Is it our education? Is it where, where in the process do you think that happens for us? Have you ever thought about that? Um, I mean, I talk to obviously a lot of doctors and I really think that they just, I mean, because they, a lot of doctors just have one track minds.

Yeah. And they can't think outside of that track, which I've been blessed to work with some physicians that thought outside of the track, and so they were, we were good. We, yeah, they, none of, none of them ever looked at me crazy when I said, Okay, so you're gonna go talk to this person. Right, Right. No, none of 'em ever looked at me crazy.

Yeah. Um, you know, I represented, um, Dr. Shannon Klingman, who is the amazing woman that created Lumi. Yes. And, um, I have Lumi in my closet. Dr. Klingman, I love the, I don't know if you did the PR. But I love the commercials where it's like, I didn't do that though. I was gonna say. So she, I worked with her at the very beginning and it was right after I worked with her, she started doing these commercials.

I can't watch TV without seeing it. So I'm very excited. It's lovely. Um, I was actually texting her the other day. She's amazing. But she and I, we went to the Housekeeping Institute. Tell me about, Oh, it was amazing. It was amazing. Like you always hear about it as a child of the eighties, the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Mm-hmm. to be there. It was so cool. Awesome. To see like their kitchen and to go into the room where they had like all the washers that they're checking out. You know, how they, you know, cuz the Good Housekeeping Institute has to give their side scale of approval. Right, Right. They had all the washing machines lined up and dishwash.

Oh my God. It was so cool. And it was in the same building as O Magazine. Oh, very nice, very nice. Cause it's Hearst. Very nice. But yeah, I think, I think that's a good question. We're just gonna have to figure that, that out. Like where in our, you know, assembly line. So the one track mine. Okay. Yeah, I think that's it.

Like they don't, you know, and there's only a few that seem to. You know, fall off of that and say, Wait a minute, wait a minute. Right. I don't have to just stick to this. Right, Right. Like I'm in a lot of physician, um, entrepreneur groups or physicians seeking jobs, non-clinical jobs. Yeah. And it blows me away when people type in, I'm a pediatrician, what can I, what kind of jobs can I do?

You do whatever hell you wanna do. I . Right, right, right. I think I know they think I'm crazy cuz I always type in What is it that you would do for. Right. What do you like? I like that. Cause if people, and I mean that's not just doctors, but people don't realize if you figure out what it is that you would do for free mm-hmm.

you could make money off of it. You just have to figure it out. But if you don't, you know, you don't have to hate your job. But people, like, for some reason, we're trained to think that we have to hate our jobs. I. Right. Or, or your job is just for money, right? Like there's a million ways to make money, which is why I always sell people.

And then it's like when you're making money, how do you wanna make that money? Right. You know? Cause then you figure out you're making money. Well, I don't really wanna do that. That's not how I wanna make money. You know, when it's not about the money. Like, yeah, I could do money, but I can make money a whole bunch of ways, but I don't wanna do that

Right. So, but that, that's, that's a really good point. Like, what will you do for free? Like, what are you doing anyway? Right. Exactly. You do a whole lot of things that you don't get paid for that you could get paid for. Right, Exactly. Like my, You don't realize that, right? My sister always jokes with me.

She's like, Yeah, Melva, you are, You change like, you know, x, y, Z every 90 days, so why don't you just. She's like, Why don't you just do a survey or be a trial tester of this product every 90 days? I'm like, You know what, , I might just do that. So if somebody needs me to test a product for 90 days, just just hit me up.

I will try it out. Cause then I'm gonna get bored of it after 90 days. Anyway, that's my sister don't. All right. I want to talk about your books and your experience with asthma and, and a little bit more about why you wrote these books. You know, I know it's more than a pandemic, that you became an author.

Oh yeah. So, I mean, everyone had said for years that I needed to write and I was like, If I had a dollar for every person that said that I would be a millionaire gazillionaire. And I was just like, you guys act like writing a book is really quick and easy. It's not. And it wasn't. It wasn't. And I have two more that I need to write and I just haven't started because that's how fun it is to write

Um, there's a quote and I have it here. It was so good. Um, um, um, hold on. I'm gonna tell you. Supposed to have it memorized. I'm doing awful with remembering it. There it is. . Um, I don't like to write. I like having written, I forgot who said it That is. I like it. So, um, I have severe asthma, like I said, born this way.

Um, and I'm in a whole bunch of allergy book allergy groups on Facebook because, like I said, everyone said the first book needed to be about this and they said, I need to write a book. So I got in all these groups on Facebook, and the same thing I kept seeing was all these parents who. We're like, Oh, Johnny has two allergies.

We can't travel. Oh, Johnny's allergic to this. He can't go to school. Oh, this, this, this. We haven't eaten this in 10 years cuz Johnny's, I mean all these crazy things. And I was like, Oh my God. And I was like, Well, maybe if I tell people my story, then that'll help them to realize it really is not that big of a deal.

I'm allergic to a lot of things more than two. I'm more like close to the, it's not exactly the top eight cuz I can eat eggs baked in things, but I can't eat eggs like scrambled eggs, omelets, et cetera. But I'm allergic to wheat ride, barley, citrus fruits, chocolate nuts, eggs, um, CI wait seafood, and I can't smell seafood cooking.

On top of not. So, um, I, and I've, and I tell everyone I've, I've done just fine. I've lived overseas for, I think it was three years I lived overseas. Wow. And I lived literally on an island for two of those three years. And I survived. Seafood was everywhere, but I survived. Um, and I travel and I don't travel with a suitcase full of.

Right. I eat right. My family eats everything. I am the only person allergic. So at my house, yes, I don't have any of my allergens for obvious reasons. I live alone. It's just me. But my parents' house, my sisters, wherever I go, everyone has everything I'm allergic to. And I'm okay with that. And I grew up like that.

Like my parents never eliminated the foods out of the house. They just eliminated Renee for eating. That was it. So my mother still made seafood. My dad is from the islands. He's from Antigua. There's no way he was not gonna eat seafood. My dad ate seafood. My mom, she just figured out, oh well she's allergi to the smell of it.

I'll cook it in the garage. The air will pass it right on through the garage. Renee, don't come through here. I can sit there while you're eating it. It's just, I can't smell it Cooking. Strange. I don't know why I've never felt like figuring that out. Um, but, um, I do know the baked egg thing is because the protein changes when you cook it.

That, I mean, when you bake it in something that I do know. But, um, but yeah, I, um, I just, I couldn't believe what these people were doing to their children. I even read one lady who never told the kid what he was allergic to, but the school knew elementary school child. I was like, That's dangerous. Like, that's the dumbest thing I ever.

And I don't think anybody would advise you that that was a good idea. Um, so that's why I wrote the book because I really wanted to help parents to understand that their kids can live really great lives. They're not confined. Cuz I mean, you had parents having anxiety and crying and I mean, you still, I still read them today and I'm just like, Oh my God, it's not that deep, you know?

And so, That's why I wrote it. Cause I wanted 'em to understand their children could live really fulfilling lives. A lot of people say my life is pretty fantastic. I tend to think it is. You know, I, I'm not, It sounds like it. Um, you know, I did almost, I did 22,000 miles I think in 2019 before the world shut down in the air.

Um, you know, that's just flying from hi Dither and ya. So I, you know, I'm, and I fly, like people are like, Oh, we can't get on the plane. Why? And especially in this day of masks, oh my God. Saving grace you ain't got nothing to worry about. Put that mask on and just go to sleep. Nothing to worry about, you know?

I mean, I'm not allergi to airborne nuts, so that's not a worry of mine. Um, I am not somebody who tells the people, Oh, I have that. I don't tell anybody. That's just my mom business. I'm in my chair and I just don't, I don't bother anyone. There was a man one time who we were in first class and he decided he didn't wanna sit in his seat, He wanted to come sit next to me.

And I'm just like, But, and then he went to open the, that's, I go, I really think you should go sit in your seat, . Cause I'm like, And then I think the flight attendant came and had a move or so was like, Thank you cuz I was like, Lord that man, go reach over and touch my chair and next thing you know I touch it and we all in trouble.

So no, just say what you supposed to say. So let ask you this cause lemme ask you this. So the book, mm-hmm. , do you have an implementation guide or are these parents able to read it and. You have a workshop or how are they gonna I don't, and I I love your book on my bookshop. I bought it. I appreciate you. I remember, I appreciate I bought your book.

If you guys don't have Dr. Renee's book, get her book. You need her book. And, and we have the second book. And I saw the testimonial from the mom. She was almost in tears reading the second book. That was a wonderful video that was on Amazon, I believe you shared. Yeah. Tell, tell me about the second book and then I want you to get back to like, well, the second book, um, The Food Allergies.

So unfortunately, in this day and age of Ation America, God bless our country, um, the children are bullies. You have three, so I'm sure you know this. Children have been bullying and the bullying has gotten to food allergies. So Johnny finds out that, you know, Abby is allergic to whatever and throws peanut butter at.

Wow. But the children don't understand that. That's deadly. Yeah. Quick story. A lady in one of our Facebook groups, one of my Facebook groups, she, um, She, her daughter when she was younger, six years old or something, had an interaction with this little girl. The little girl threw something matter. She was allergic to blah, blah, blah, blah.

They told the school, da, da, da, da. The family ends up moving and the other family ends up moving too, whatever. You know, they end up in the same city again at 16, and this idiot who knew who she was, obviously right. Wow. Drew something at her again, and this time put the girl in the hospital. And now because she's 16, she is facing charges of, um, attempted murder.

Oh, no, that's, but I mean, but that's the truth. That is exactly what she did. You knew better, You know what I mean? You knew exactly what you're doing. Hm. So that's why I wrote this book, because it's for ages four to eight year olds. Because if we can teach them younger, right, about food allergies, right?

And then they can understand that these kids, there's nothing wrong with them, they're normal kids. They just, this is what's, you know, they might get sick if they have these foods right? And make it a normal conversation. I think that we could help eliminate the bullying and the kids will be okay. Um, so, and then also because Dr of course, the book's about me, So Renee has a friend in here who is kind of an advocate for her.

And so maybe somebody who doesn't have food allergies sees somebody in their classroom and then they could be that person for them to say, you know, cuz like, um, in the book, I went to a birthday party and of course my mom, when I was younger, my mom made my little treats that I took to birthday parties because I couldn't.

I couldn't eat ice cream at the time. Gold Milk ice cream is what I ate back then. And then I never could eat birthday cakes, so my mom would make my little special cake that had no eggs and or whatever. And so, um, I was, it was the young, the little boy was explaining to the other kids why my cupcake was different, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So, you know, that's why, that's why I wrote the. Okay. And that's, it's a series, these books. Where can we get these books distributed? You can get them everywhere that books are sold. Or you can go to my website and I have really cute, No, Renee, your allergic bookmarks that I'll send you if you get that one for your, for your little phone.

What's your website? We're gonna put it down below the process. Dr. Renee. That info is my website. Okay. But each of the books, the titles are there. Own the websites and they have all the links to the target and all these places you can get 'em, but mommy, I can't and then no, renee

Okay. Okay. Alright. First one more time. And we're gonna put that under the podcast. Yes. We wanna make sure everybody gets those books. Yes. Mommy, I can't No. Renee your Ask, ask Dr. Renee do info. Um, but yeah, that's why I. Awesome. Awesome. So, you know, I can't help myself , but what's next for these books?

Cause you know, I have a couple ideas I have to share with you on the 1% Code podcast, but do you have plans for these books next? Because, so like I said, I have two other books I'm trying to write, so I really, I need to write, so I'm not really, I mean, We're still moving with these books, obviously. I'm actually speaking at Fair Food Allergy Research Education Summit.

Good. So obviously that will be food allergies. Um, my sister and I have a cooking show that you can see on my YouTube channel. Everything with me is asked Dr. Renee. So you look at my channel, ask Dr. Renee. More importantly, go to my sister's channel foodie engineer. She needs the subscribers. But, um, In the kitchen with she, with Dr.

Renee and Chef Felicia. Foodie engineer is Chef Felicia. She's foody engineer, aka Chef Felicia. Nicole. She is making allergy friendly foods. We made potato salad with no eggs. We made brownies with no chocolate. We made French toast with no eggs. Awesome. We did some amazing things. We made birthday cake with no eggs.

We made, we did some amazing stuff. So are we shipping these out? Can we, can I get these in Virginia? How, how can we bring these? No, these are, No, these are, It's a cooking show. So this is, so we have to learn how to do this at home. Yes. We show you, we gave you the recipes. All that great stuff is there. Um, so we did that with fair and so my sister is actually going to be on the stage at the, at the.

Doing a cooking demo. Mm-hmm. , and I'll be on stage of course, talking about living with food allergies. But I'm also now working with the Allergy and Asthma Network, which is this amazing resource if you have a child with allergies and or asthma, allergy and asthma, allergy and asthma Amazing.

Amazing, amazing. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see all of my lovely little videos about allergies and asthma, but I've been working with them and so I will be speaking at the Global Food Allergy Summit with them. Wow. And then I will be speaking at the US Asthma Summit. Wow. And I also was on a TV show called Balancing Act that's hosted by Montel Williams.

Yes, that Mantel Williams. And we talked about asthma and covid with the, um, CEO of Allergy and Asthma Network. So, That's what I'm doing with the books is that I'm spreading the word and I mean, books are available for book orders. So if you're in your office and you, you know, my, at my, um, my allergist bought several, I mean a nice book order of books of the mommy I can't breathe to have for his offices and Fare has purchased several bulk orders of No.

Renee, you are allergic to hand out at community event. So, um, so yeah, I'm real excited about the bulk orders because it gets to more people that may not have been able to get the books in their hands. So I'm excited about that. Um, no, Renee Allergic is the first of the series, Dr. Renee and Friends. So the second book will be about asthma so that kids can understand, you know, cuz I had an inhaler and nobody else in the school had one.

When I was little. No one else had food allergies either. Now it's a little more common, but still to have the conversation and teach kids how to. People and also maybe recognize if, you know, somebody has trouble on the playground and needs help. So I'll write that one next, but um, but yeah, that's really, you know, that's these two.

And I, I, inspiration Dr. Renee, we're gonna have to have you on for part two because I mean, the whole, I mean, goodness, we just can't even fit this in for a part one. This is just amazing. I, I think we need to have you in a whole curriculum in, in the school system. I mean, I think the book, Oh, you know, honestly, I actually sent an email last week to, uh, school system and tried to see about getting in the school because I do not try.

Do not try to. Yeah. Well, I mean, I sent and said I'd like to come in. I would, you know, I've read the book, I've read, No, Renee, you're allergic to several schools. Right. Including the school that's in the book, which is my elementary school. Um, I went there and read it to several classes and that was great.

But, um, I would definitely like to get in the schools to teach the, um, you know, the faculty and yes. The students as well about it. This is lives, this is physicians. Like you said, outside of the clinic, you were, you were making a difference and you just light up. When you talk about this, like I can, I can see that inner child, I see the adult, I mean this is, this is working with doctors.

Like this is a physician. This is why physicians need to be entrepreneurs. I mean, you are an example and I totally. I, You know, any last words? Cause I, I know you're busy. I can see you about to just get ready. What, what's next? You're going, You're about to be on a stop crew. You're about to do the global and although, so the nine stop.

Yeah. I have three. Three speaking gauges for the next three weekends. So food allergy research, education summit. Then I'll be at the Global Food Allergy Summit, and then the Wealth and wellness experience. Okay, awesome. The wealth and wellness experience. So we're gonna do the code for the 1% Code Podcast listeners, right?

Yeah. So if you type in Dr. Melva, you'll get 10% off of the books. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much. This was a pleasure. I mean, like, I have a whole page full of notes and I know, I know people that have kids and, you know, asthma and allergies. You are changing lives in so many ways. It's a pleasure to know you.

I thank you. I'm just, I'm excited. So, and, and I'm reading, you had tune date on there, the speak, so I have your post shelf and. Speak. I got to, you know, meet her. I need to get back on the bike. Yes. That, that is a, a moving book. It was excellent. Yes. Excellent. Yes, yes, yes. Got you. But if you have any listeners who have, you know, groups with children like Jack and Jill or, um, you know, I'm actually volunteering with AK teens, um, in our chapter, but you know, any groups like that, I would love to come and speak to that, the kids specifically about food allergy and asthma.

But I also obviously speak about other things as well, so Right, right, right. Like the, the wealth and wellness experience. I'll be talking about managing stress because it's great that you've made all this money, but you know, I'm sure you've heard stories. People make a whole lot of money and then they die the next day after they retired.

Yeah. Um, which is just awful. When you don't take care of yourself, this is what happens. Yeah. This is, this is what happens. And, and we know we, we want to live and, and really, you know, live and serve a happy life. So thank you so much for joining. So many nuggets. So many nuggets. Thank you guys for listening to the 1% Code podcast, Dr. Renee. Ask Dr. Renee. Follow up with her guys. This is, this is a pleasure. Physician entrepreneurs. This is physician entrepreneurship. We, we talked about belief. Renee, if you don't believe in yourself, I, I don't know who else will. If, if we get, if we get stuck anymore on our WhatsApp or, you know, online chats or talks, we, we got it.

We got it, Doc. Like, if, if you're not doing it, I don't know who else is. We have to believe in each other. Physicians, because it's only up from. Physician entrepreneurs, we have to do this. We have to focus. You know, like my dad says, this is season three of the 1% Code podcast. I appreciate you guys listening.

Until next time, thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode and you'd like to help support the 1% Code podcast, please share with others, post about it on social media or leave a rating, and I would love your five star review. Thanks again and I'll see you next time.

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