3 Ways to Work Together

Make Extra Money

Physicians opting for the flexibility & increased freedom to spend more time interacting with their patients AND with their family now have options. This is possible through leverage, creating a residual income & joining the sophisticated online business of the 21st century.

Together we will arm you with business skills, efficient systems & the automation tools you need to grow your income. You'll no longer fear that if you’re not there, you’re not making money...

Operation Flat Stomach

Hospital food and industry-sponsored lunches are convenient but NOT always healthy. Hectic work schedules & high-stress levels have added the pounds straight to your midsection.

You've tried dieting, and there is so much contradicting information that it is confusing.

Discover my 5 part system to transform your plate so you can finally get the nutrition your body craves.

Learn how to make healthy food choices SIMPLE so you can SAVE TIME and MONEY!

Go from OVERWHELMED to easily incorporating nourishing foods so you can transition into post training life as your most healthiest, VIBRANT self!

You'll join a supportive team of other women that are focused on feeling healthy, strong & confident again.

Digital Marketing Introduction

Not sure where to start with your concept, product or service? Marketing has changed.

You've seen ads on your newsfeed but the thought of starting to advertise is daunting.

 Work with Dr. Melva personally.

She will guide you through the process of building influence on social media, copywriting and paid advertising to grow your own product or service.

Join Dr. Melva's Inner Circle for Physician Moms with a desire to recharge, create additional income streams and have more time for the family you worked so hard to create.

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