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Melva E. Pinn-Bingham, M.D.

Hi! I’m Dr. Melva, your Board Certified Radiation Oncologist. I help people that have been diagnosed or affected by cancer. Through my speaking, telemedicine practice, consulting and programs they will learn to how to understand their diagnosis, nutrition and lifestyle changes to stay cancer free, how to easily navigate the cancer system, and lead a normal life in spite of the diagnosis of cancer.

I graduated #2 in my high school class. I went on to Duke University on a full BN Duke academic scholarship. After becoming a physician, I married my high school sweetheart and we started our family together ALL while successfully completing residency. As a board certified Radiation Oncologist, I have treated over 1000 patients with cancer.

During my first job as a young attending I was set up to FAIL before I started. After a glowing interview I was welcomed with open arms. I remember the smell of the fresh fruit in the edible arrangement that was waiting for me upon my arrival. Everything changed when I spoke up to institute changes for my patients. I was forced to have a commute twice as long as expected and I had to relocate my family, change my kids school all with in short notice. One day I will never forget was March 16, 2013 at 5:25 pm when I was violently struck from behind while driving home from work. Sitting in the car, in pain and in tears my life flashed before my eyes.

Because of this…NOW I practice Radiation Oncology in a rural setting where I am influencing the culture of cancer care. I am in control of the quality and standards of excellence in my clinic. Living in my purpose has allowed me to be present as a wife and a mother and connect with my patients on a much deeper level. I spend the time educating my patients on the power of food as medicine and steps we can take to prevent cancer. I am a best selling author, speaker and I also help other physicians like me to live in their purpose. Through my Ultimate Physician Side Hustle Blueprint I offer a real solution for physicians to earn an income with low starting costs, support and training and no caps on earning potential (no worries about wRVU, growing paperwork and ever changing EMRs..).

Connect with me to learn more about the “Ultimate Physician Side Hustle” system that is creating a movement that you just may need in your life.

Physicians opting for the flexibility & increased freedom to spend more time interacting with their patients AND with their family now have options. This is possible through leverage, creating a residual income & joining the sophisticated online business of the 21st century.

For my survivors, I want you to know YOU deserve safe, quality treatments and support from a compassionate cancer doctor. YOU deserve to live your life in spite of cancer. I just want YOU to focus on living.

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