What if you could work
because you want to…
not because you have to?
What if you could work because you want to…
Not because you have to?
This is available to you. Join Dr. Melva  as she guides you on your journey to trade your golden handcuffs for true wealth. Be part of the 1% and learn the strategy and execution for building leveraged wealth. Each week, Dr. Melva-Pinn Bingham, a radiation oncologist, serial entrepreneur, and investor will bring you inspiring guests, strategies, business tips, and tools so you can manage risk, time and career constraints while building your wealth.

Leverage your six-figure income to create a 7-figure net worth (without quitting your full time job) as you learn powerful ways to multiply your income with business opportunities & investments! Make money outside of your career and evaluate opportunities to build your wealth portfolio with more passive streams…THEN you can decide whether you want to work forever or turn your career into a lucrative hobby 😉
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