Hey doc! It’s time to navigate entrepreneurship and scale your income.

Hey doc!
It’s time to navigate entrepreneurship
and scale your income.

You succeeded in medicine, now it’s time to succeed in business,
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You’re a physician entrepreneur who dreams of becoming as financially successful in your business as you have as a physician, but you’ve faced challenges reaching your desired income goals. You have tried everything and have gotten great ideas and guidance from courses, programs, and coaches BUT are failing at execution, actualizing true results, and taking your business to the next level. It’s not your fault, they didn’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur in medical school.
Many new physician entrepreneurs report that they lack clarity on the next steps and need help to point out the blind spots on this entrepreneurial journey—you are not alone.

However, you can absolutely navigate entrepreneurship and become unstoppable in scaling your additional income streams outside of the clinic. It will take guts and overcoming your fears over and over. But the reward?? You get to live your life on your own terms and scale your income. I’ll show you how you can do this.
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About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Melva, I’m a board-certified radiation oncologist, multi-franchise owner, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and physician business coach. If I can create additional income streams and navigate entrepreneurship… so can you!As a coach, I’ve helped many physician entrepreneurs learn to grow additional income streams and successfully scale their income. My personal mission is to inspire you so you can gain clarity and direction while navigating entrepreneurship.