Season 3 Episode 2: Physician Focus Code #PFC
Oct 4, 2022
It’s learning how to delegate tasks. It’s learning how to put things automatically, but also having manual things in your business. But knowing that even though it’s manual, you don’t have to do it. It’s having someone, some system, some support that helps to take things off your plate so you don’t have to do it.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melva, your board certified radiation oncologist and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% Code Podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love, or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% Code Podcast.

It's taken me so long to figure out a focus. the physician focus code. Welcome to hashtag pfc. I was talking on the phone and I think it was like three or four hours, and I know it sounds ridiculous, but when two physicians get together, three physicians, four physicians, a collaboration of physicians get together, it's incredible.

It's incredible. When physician minds get together, the collaboration, the intellectual. . Just the discussion, the power that we have with each other, the breakdown, the thought, the collective thought. What's possible is so powerful and it is exciting. And it's the focus. It's the focus that we need, and this is the inspired action that has transformed the lives of position entrepreneurs and.

I was talking to one of my colleagues and I was listening, and then I was talking, and then I was listening and I was getting excited and the word focus was defining itself and I was explaining this concept and my vision, and she was telling her story. She continued to say the word focus and it wasn't even on purpose.

And I was like, Yep, this is what my dad says. Focus, Focus, Melva and this is the reason why focus is so important. It's the simple things. It's doing the one thing, it's the help that we need physicians, physician, entrepreneurs. It's not that we need to be sold something. We don't need to continue to take classes and courses and generalize.

It's not the knowledge. We have plenty of knowledge. We've learned enough. We can do the hard things. We can figure it out. Yes, we're the smartest, the brightest, but a lot of entrepreneurship is trial and error. It's getting started. It's getting your feet wet. It's having an idea and excitement, but it's the support.

It's learning how to delegate tasks. It's learning how to put things on automatic, but also have manual things in your business. But knowing that even though it's manual, you don't have to do it. It's having someone, some system, some support that helps to take things off your plate so you don't have to do it.

So as a matter of fact, you can be the visionary ceo, the physician CEO of your. working on it and not in it. And this physician entrepreneurs is the physician focus code hashtag pfc. This is the vision that is taking me so long to express and explain the community of physician entrepreneurs. I have been trying to cultivate for so long and I just couldn't explain it, but yet this whole time it's been right there.

You've been doing it. And I want to highlight physician entrepreneurs. I envision this community of physician entrepreneurs uplifting each other, the struggle that you're having. It's real. Because this is what has happened to me. I've been part of these groups, I've taken the courses, I've taken classes, hundreds of thousands of dollars of them, and it has driven my husband crazy.

It's driven. My friends who've watched me crazy, they're like, Oh my God, Melva, you know, you're getting these classes. You end up teaching them, you know, all of this stuff, and you've helped so many people, and they're like, You know, I don't understand why you haven't made. So much money when you go in this course, and I'm like, it's not about the money.

When I go into this course, and I said this before, it's about the impact, It's about the influence. I've made a ton of money, but it's just not like that course I sign up for. I'm usually learning it to figure out the algorithm, the system, what it is they did, how to improve it, the efficiencies, the processes, but I'm not the one to put those in place.

They're people that are better. , it's their lane. It's their passion. It's not mine. And that's it. Physicians, we need the focus. , what is our bleeding pain? What is it that we need? Right now? It's focus. You know, I was talking to another physician and the goal. Thank you so much for listening. Other physicians, physician entrepreneurs, please invite them.

To the 1% Code Podcast. Let me know what topics I can help you with, how I can serve you. I do have a one on one program. It's an eight week program, the 1% accelerator where I can help you start or grow a business in eight weeks. If you're interested in that, please go to I'm excited to chat with you who was, you know, an extra.

$7,000 per month, and the $7,000 had a name on it. This physician needed $7,000 to cover a specific debt for specific service that this physician needed, and that was the goal. It didn't matter how that income came in, what the source was, the physician didn't have the time to do it, to figure it out. So that was the focus.

The goal was to provide that service. That's.

This is what a lot of vendors, course creators, people that have one service, one track mind, they are selling their course. They are not customizing it to many physicians. We need the focus. We need a coach, a course, a program, a product. that answers what it is that we need. A lot of times we need to learn how to outsource better.

We need to learn how to create a team of support around us. We need to learn what it means to build and release. We need to learn how to have manual tasks. We need to learn how to delegate. We need to learn how to automate. We need to learn how to delete. We need to learn how to set our own. We need to navigate entrepreneurship.

We need focus, and this is what I hope to create with this community of physician focus. Let me know your thoughts on this because if you go back to the podcast episode that I did on one Simple Isn't Easy, I want you to listen to that and gimme your feedback because. , skipping the first step. Focusing on the heart isn't always rewarded.

For those of us who are critical thinkers reaching a goal, especially in business, it's taking the first step's, getting started. It's messy, massive. In person. In person. , it's messy action. It's imperfect action. It's done is better than. It's letting go of control. It's bringing in experts, It's bringing in help.

It's letting go of some of the profit. In exchange for momentum, I let go of some of the profit to have the same result over and over and over again with the system of someone that can scale it. Abundance collaboration. . So just because someone has a masterclass, ask yourself, Is this what I want or is my focus right now to finish this house project that I have, that I've been working on for the last three weeks?

That will change my financial perspective. And ask yourself how many ways? Well, focusing on. , the one problem that I have getting done and maybe taking off my plate, delegating it to someone else who has expertise in this. Getting a project manager, getting a driver from my car. If you haven't heard that reference, check out my social media.

You know, the, the, the analogy was you have, you know, I was often told Dr. Melva, you have too many cars coming out of your driveway. You need to get a driver and physician, entrepreneur. You are in this boat or you have overwhelm. Maybe you're like me, . You love to just start a lot of projects and you're good at it.

Not fact you're damn good at it. But to be excellent and to have focus, you need to take each of your projects, 10 million, maybe a couple million first before you start the next, Get a driver for your. and here the physician focus code get drivers for our cars so that we're physician CEOs and as physician entrepreneurs, we're gonna change the world.

We're going to practice the art of medicine, how we see fit, and we're going to collaborate and celebrate each other. I'm Dr. Melva and I welcome you to this new, exciting community of physician entrepreneurship. If you're struggl, To grow additional income streams, navigate entrepreneurship, I can help you in the 1% Accelerator, an eight week program to start or grow your business.

I welcome you to be a part of this community. I wanna highlight other physician entrepreneurs who have figured out the code, who have found their focus. So join us. Be a part of the 1% Code podcast. Let's get you on the podcast. Share your story, be a part of the physician focus code. If you're interested in the 1% Accelerator program, my private coaching program, you can go to and we can chat.

Thank you so much. We'll talk soon. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode and you'd like to help support the 1% Code podcast, please share with others, post about it on social media or leave a rating, and I would love your five star review. Thanks again and I'll see you next time.

Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode and you'd like to help support the 1% Code podcast, please share with others, post about it on social media or leave a rating, and I would love your five star review. Again, and I'll see you next time.
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