Season 2 Episode 10: 80 Percent Belief 20 Percent Strategy
Sep 15, 2022

You need to learn skills and communication because navigating entrepreneurship means navigating relationships. As you grow to communicate, skills are essential.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melva, your board certified radiation oncologist and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% code podcast. I help top income earners create multiple streams of income to support the career they love or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% code podcast a Saturday morning, about 6 27.

And I'm recording this in my closet. and it's one of those chaotic times where each of the three kids had an activity. One of the activities was counsel because the team had too many kids that were sick and another activity was far away. So my husband left early, he called me, he said, are you ready to go?

And I said, no, I'm actually going to drive my own car. And he said, why? I already started moving the things in the car. I was like, you know what, because I decided that I need to take care of some other things. And he said, okay. I mean, you know, it wasn't really that smooth, but this is public. So. A good marriage.

Doesn't tell all the secrets, right? I digress check out my episode on being an entrepreneur, physician, entrepreneur, and pain points. And we talk more about that in our one-on-one sessions and inside the 1% code collective, right? Because those issues are going to come up as physician entrepreneurs. Very important.

Skill and communication things that you need to learn because navigating entrepreneurship means navigating relationships. As you grow communicating, the skills are important. When I was sitting here thinking things, get overwhelming roadblocks objectives, groups of kids getting sick. Last minute, changing changes.

The ability to pivot redirect are all. things that you're just going to have to do. And as physicians, we do this all the time. So why is it different at home? Why is it different with kids? Why is it different with a business on top of that? So what is it that I do? And I was thinking, I was looking at my closet and my husband, I actually share a closet.

It's a large closet and it doesn't have the organization that I want. One of the things that we've done as entrepreneurs, my husband and I are both entrepreneurs is. we kind of, well, not kind of, but we've used our primary home several times for the equity and because we started out as fix and flip rehabers like more than 10 years ago.

I don't know why every time I decide to make a recording, like my mouth is dry or I take something, hold one second. Okay. I'm back. And I just wanna let you know, I know it sounds funny if you're listening to the final product, when I say, hold one second, but I want you to hear the imperfections because that was that's another one of those things with overwhelm and burnout and.

You know, I talked to physicians and they're like, I have imposter syndrome. The first time I heard that word. I didn't even know what it means. And in one of my best days, um, Dr. Brandy, actually, she, she first told me I was in Ohio. I think it was like 2015, 16. And she's like, I think, uh, you know, this imposter syndrome, I'm like, what's that?

And then actually another one of my aunt sisters told me I had imposter syndrome because I was talking and she's like, oh my God, Melva, you're a physician. You have an MD. And you do all these incredible things. I'm like, what are you talking about? Because I think I said, I couldn't do something. You know, at this time I probably had like nine property flips under my belt.

And, you know, we done, you know, a hundred thousand dollars deals in a day. And I think I was saying how something was outta my reach. And she was talking to me like, girl, what are you talking about? and I remember, you know, she had me do this exercise at the time. She was, you know, this mega mogul, if you haven't seen her, uh, Shena Brewster at Shena diva and she'd.

You know, since she's done the Harry McCormick show and all these fabulous things, I love uh Shelina and we went to duke together and she was telling me like, Mova what is it? And I talk a lot about this, and I guarantee you, we will talk about this. Especially if you work with me in the 1% accelerator, if you're interested in that and you haven't checked that out, it's my program that I help you to start or grow your business in eight weeks as a physician entrepreneur.

You can check it out by going to talk with Dr., get on my calendar and we can chat. But back to that, self-belief believing in yourself self trust. But again, going back and I know I'm going all different ways, because again, it's 6 30, 2 imperfections it's real life. Okay. So don't apologize if you have to take a break and get some water, like I just did.

Okay. People try to, and even as physicians, this is what drives me crazy. You're busy. And this was one of the first things. When I started, especially showing up online or the consistency don't promise what you can't do. You're a physician. So when you especially show up online or you're around people that aren't physicians and working moms like me, I'm a full time board certified radiation oncologist with three kids.

So no one's going to expect me. Email them back within a day, you know, or 30 minutes, even though typically I am, because I set the expectations of a response or how I can get to someone because of how well, you know, I've managed my time, et cetera. But the point is don't beat yourself up. Allow yourself grace show up as who you are authentically.

So if your husband or spouse. Wants you to ride with them at six o'clock in the morning, but you know, you like to pick up their t-shirts off the floor or reorganize your closet and record content for your social media in batch. While something comes to your mind, a pain point that other physicians are going through and you can help to serve.

the question I always like to ask is how many ways can you transform another physician's life? So they don't have the same pain that maybe you had five years ago, 10 years ago. Right. And if something comes to mind, I'm going to record a piece of content, not a video con, not a piece of video content, because maybe , although I'm I could do video right now.

I was technically ready to go 30 minutes ago, but I need a little bit of space. So anyway, my point is be yourself, show up who you are in your strength, because I guarantee you just like, they told us before we went into medical school, you know, and they said, Hey, look, you're gonna be cynical when you graduate in four years and you have everything you need to know right now, you have everything inside of you to be.

The physician entrepreneur that you want to be right now, because 80% of this game I've even heard the quotes of 90% are your mindset. It's believing that you can do it. It's self-trust in yourself, which leads to self-belief, which is that inspiration that you need to be where you want to be in 12 months, the ability to imagine how different your life would be.

If you could consistently show up for yourself. to follow through with your physician entrepreneur goals, right? And then 20% of that is the strategy it's implementation accountability. So it's being around, like-minded typically physicians or like-minded business coaches, strategy, other people that are going to drive you.

Other people that have been where you want to be. And sometimes that's just one step ahead. So for example, some of the clients that I coach with, I've never actually done what it is they're doing, but I'm one step ahead of them, as far as. The amount of money that they want to make the, the price points, the, the board rooms that they haven't been in or other clients that I've been around on the verticals that they've been in, right.

The way that you think the possibilities that we've been exposed to. So there are a lot of different ways, or sometimes it's just one thing you have to hear and it clicks, right? Just like in. Being in the chart rounds or being on the, for me as the cancer tumor boards and being in those rooms, you know, I, I love surgeons, right?

Like I'm really close with a lot of surgeons because I think like surgeons , you know, that's how it is. And you know, my family, my, my father, my sister primary care. Right. I understand the pain points of how many patients you guys are expected to see. I understand that pain point, which is why a lot for me has been quality of life.

Let me help you get some passive income streams. So you're not working so hard. I saw all the hours. I remember my mom talking about my father working 80 hours a week, and as a medical student falling asleep on his plate. So I heard that that seed was dropped. So. You know, a lot of these things go back to what it is that we want and imagining our life differently.

So. I hope this helped you somehow. I hope me not riding with my husband this morning at six in the morning is going to transform someone's life from this audio. because it may transform my life in a different way. When I show up to that baseball field, relaxed with my homemade coffee and my boss, mom cup.

No, I'm just kidding. All right. I love you guys again. If you are interested in the 1% accelerator code. It's not called the 1% accelerator code. The podcast season three is coming out and that is the 1% code podcast. But if you're interested in my signature program is a one on one eight week program called the 1% accelerator head over to, oh my God.

It is so early. It is 6 38 head over to Love you guys. Bye. Thanks for listening. And for any of my fellow physicians listening today, I have a free gift for. Nine business ideas for busy physicians to get your hands on it. Just go to again, that's, M E L V A S F R E E O F F E R . COM if you enjoyed this episode and you like to help support the 1% code podcast, please share with others post about it on social media, leave a rating, and I would love your five star review.
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