Episode 50: Business Tools For Entrepreneurs
May 26, 2022

The point I want you to have is really be intentional about the tools that you sign up for. Don’t fall for FOMO just because everybody else is using, you know, an email server or something that doesn’t work for you don’t move on it. Right. All right, let’s get to this list.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melva you're board certified radiation oncologist, and serial entrepreneur and investor. Welcome to the 1% code podcast. I help top income earners create multiple strings of income to support the career they love or the one they want to love. Again, learn more on the 1% code podcast. Hello?

Hello. Hello. I am Dr. Melva you're board certified radiation oncologist, wife, and mom of three. Serial entrepreneur and investor, and I help other top income earners create multiple streams of income to diversify their wealth portfolio, to trade those golden handcuffs in for true wealth. With a diversified portfolio today, we are talking about.

Business tools for entrepreneurs. Let me tell you a quick story though. So we just came from a softball game. It was the last game for the middle school team. And when we think about tools, I want you to kind of focus on ability, not just what the tool itself can do, but the function of it. Anyway, we were at the game and I had to order the oldest one, had a really great hit for softball, and she had a chance to run from second to third.

I think she was going like, as slow as possible. And sometimes it, it kind of reminds me of some of these tools that I've tried and I expect them to have this great functionality and they just don't really do much of anything. Well, anyway, she's going as slow as possible and she made it to third base and they were like safe.

She almost was like one of those. You remember AOL, if you're old enough where it would just like load and load and load and messenger were never start anyway. It was like that she moves so slow. Like a turtle, no sliding, no getting dirty. She just like plopped on third base and the umpire call her safe.

And so after the game, my husband was like, thanks for getting that call from my daughter. Like, we appreciate it. We don't know this man at all. And he laughed and he said, and my husband said, yes, she was a top speed. And the rep said, yeah, That was all she had. That was as fast as she could go. So it was just kind of funny because sometimes you really, really want someone or something or a tool to deliver for you, fast execute.

And sometimes they just give you all they have. So in that case, my daughter, we need to work with some agility training. Like she looks athletic, but there's some things missing. So let's talk about business tools for entrepreneurs. So the reason we're talking about this is that. A lot of you say you don't have enough time to create a new lucrative income stream while you're working.

Right. Or you don't have a plan or you don't have knowledge. Okay. So a lot of those things that are stopping you from creating that new income stream. That's lucrative and leveraged with clear strategy is you don't have the right tools, but I want to caution you that I don't want you to spend so much time signing up for all the different tools, apps, gadgets, where really it's the business, the foundations of business, which are generating leads for whatever type of business you're in making cells and then scaling and making profit.

Right. And in between there there's nurture. And a lot of other things like marketing. Okay. Tools. All right. So whenever started again, I made a lot of mistakes and that I'm sure I've shared this before I went and I learned the tools and I have lots of different ones, have lots of different leg bills coming in, but what I found is it wasn't all about the tools.

Really be intentional about the tools that you sign up for. Don't do the FOMO just because everybody else is using an email server or something that doesn't work for you don't move on it. Right. So one of the first tools that I really look for, and maybe this can help you is I needed something to help organize my research around business ideas and profits producing activity.

I wanted something that would help me to streamline my time between what I'd done at one point, because a lot of this is cyclical, right. So if you've been in business, you're going to have the same fourth quarter issues, right? Like it's October, we should all be thinking about black Friday, cyber Monday, whether you have a service-based business, a brick and mortar, the real estate time of year, or e-com this is black Friday, right?

The people who are making or who did a million dollars in Q4, like one of my mentors today was sharing. She'd had a million dollar sales in Q4 of 2020. They're starting now to think about campaigns, think about organization. So the things that you do, sick likly or on a calendar every year, I wanted to have that organized.

And so I spent a lot of time trying to find that, and I started with Evernote. So Evernote is one of my favorite apps. I'll have to be honest. I don't always use it the way that I should, but the emotionality that I liked about Evernote is I would show you if I could screenshot. But I like the app on the Chrome where I could save web clips.

At one point you could save entire Facebook threads. Like let's say you're researching in a group to find a pain point that you want to solve with your business. You could save that it has a ton of functionality that just makes it easy to go. Whether you're on the website, whether you're on your mobile.

Okay. So is anybody there using Evernote? The other thing I liked about Evernote, it became really easy going through email. Forwarding it to my Evernote email inbox. So I still literally have an Evernote from like seven years ago of things that, you know, it's index. It's just like Google, you can search it for your doctor.

The other thing with Evernote, it's good functionality to work with the team. So you can share notebooks or folders and files with Evernotes. Some of the cons that I had working with Evernote are I've gone back and forth all of these different ways and metrics to organize things within. So that's something that you really want to figure out the functionality for you and how it works.

I'm trying to think what's his name? Michael Hilton. It's an entrepreneur who's been around for a really long time, but he had a lot of training on how to maximize these. Fast forward to now in 2021, they have templates. They have a lot of guys that really help you to organize your notes. So I would say Evernote, as far as organization of things that I was doing, whether it was for medicine, you know, that Korea, I'm a radiation oncologist or internet research with online business, coaching Evernote really helped to bring all of those, those things into play.

And they also have the functionalities where you can record. I do a lot of dictation with my team for instructions and ideas. So they have that too. Let me know what questions you have about Evernote, Evernote users here. Let me know. And then I would say the next one for me. Okay. It's kind of like a group of them.

All right. And I've used all of them and I may still have two of them. And that's Trello for project management in asana. There are a couple of other ones, like I think Monday or other ones. I've kind of settled with a sauna, just because we set up a lot of work throughs workflows. Can I get the word right.

Workflows for our team? And so we've been using a sauna and that's really managing projects. Again, indexing. It can integrate with your calendar. There's a really high level usage you can use, but I suggest that you choose one. So Assata, really their dashboards and teamwork, make it easy. All right. One of the first ones I learned for real estate investing was Dropbox.

Now it's very common. People have used it forever, but at the time we didn't have a really good way of organizing our investment properties. When we started out in real estate as investors, we were in a multi-state. So we had to organize the documents and work with teams and Dropbox is a lot of you probably know and use it.

It's really cool. All right. So that's Dropbox, Evernote, Dropbox. We have to talk about Canva. So I was one of the first like canvas uses are I swear, like they didn't have an app, you know, you couldn't do a GIF animation. It was crazy. I remember I bought like a $3 course on it at the time, because it was a new function, but Canva is great for marketing.

It's great for PowerPoint presentations. There's a lot of usage that you can get out of Canva. So check it out. We won't go in details. Cause I feel like it's pretty well known. The question. A lot of people ask me about is emails. Okay. So when you're using email, let's say you have Gmail. So I do the paid Google suites with Gmail because I have a, you know, it's like doctormelva.com. It's more professional. We have more storage. There's some functionality between paid and a free version when you're writing a business. That I think is important to remember the other email that we use right now, or with Keap, um, infusionsoft. It used to be Infusionsoft. They changed it a lot. I don't recommend that as starting.

I think a lot of people start with a free email provider, like a MailChimp. Active campaign as a paid version. So there was a lot of email providers or options. And what I would suggest is that you always do the free trial. I wouldn't sign up for anything paid until you see how it can work and serve you and your business.

Then I would recommend that you look at the other tools that you're going to use and look at how they integrate together with one another. So there are a couple of kind of duo pairs that just make things easy. And then there's some outliers where you have to do a lot of integrations and integration sometimes could be more money and more trial and error and just not really good use of your time.

So you want to look at how the. Tools talk to each other and how they work. So Infusionsoft has some things that it integrates with nicely. It has some other platforms that it doesn't play with very nicely. Okay. But with that said, one of the tools that I would recommend for. Email inbox management, and I've gone back and forth between using this is called help scout.

So if you have several email inboxes, it helps you to manage all of those accounts and it makes it easy to have things like save replies, their filters, their saved messages that you can have. And it's really easy for one or two people to manage. What would normally be an inbox that would take hours and hours.

So it's definitely worth looking into. And then the other tool, I guess I'd wrap it this up by saying, I really do like dub the UVB. Now. I think I got in on it, like a lifetime free, but there are other free versions, like loom video. There's another one I use. I can't take it. But the concept is you can use it in your business to make videos, screen shares.

And the reason I liked is that let's say after we get off of this, I want to screen record and give notes. I can copy and just paste the link. So no more of that. You're making a video. You have to like download and upload it. Those of you who've been in business for a long time. Probably remember that the newer ones, a business probably never had to do that.

So lucky you, but anything where you can record your screen, you can use it throughout your business so you can use it to get. Customer feedback. You can answer questions on recorded video. The screen sharing is the most powerful where you can actually show someone a problem. So for example, in any of these other tools, if there's ever a problem that I have, I am actually using a video to send them exactly what it is because no more, the days of back and forth inefficient.

Help emails. It needs to be exactly. This is what it is. This is what I'm using. You know, I'm on this computer, I'm on my phone. This is what happens. So always sending that screen video is very, very helpful. So that's my list of tools. I think that covers a lot of what you need to start. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the 1% COVID podcast.

I'm your host, Dr. Melba until next time. Thanks for listening. And for any of my fellow physicians listening today, I have a free gift for you. Nine business ideas for busy physicians to get your hands on it. Just go to Melvin's free offer.com again, that's Melvin free offer.com in the M E L V A S F R E E O F F E R.COM

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Are you a busy physician looking to build additional income streams?
Get my 9 Business Ideas for Busy Physicians here —> www.melvasfreeoffer.com

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